What We Do

Our learning process is based on the notion of the NEW DEAL™. We teach leaders to discover their personal higher Purpose, how to find their voice, speak and Embody it in every day contexts at work and in life. We pave the way to achieve exceptional results in key contexts like performance management as well as build high performance teams or train the art of influencing in key negotiation moments all while teaching how to make this Last. A Lasting Legacy is key. Any results are only meaningful if they are sustainable and we all want to leave this world in a better place than we found it…

That’s the New D.E.A.L.™ process.

THE NEW DEAL™ Formula:

Discover your mission + Embody it without limitation
+ Achieve alignment + Lasting Results
= OnPurpose™

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Our Packages

How can you work with us

Based on our experience, clients have three type of needs. We have designed 3 flexible packages to suit these needs:

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Isolated Concern Package

If you want to change one behavior, with one team/division or an  individual, this is your package. This is a 1 month process.

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Systemic Change Package

You see a pattern of behavior across several teams or a division or a certain level of leadership. This is  typically a 2-6 month process; targeting several layers of the organization like top middle mngmt; individual contributors.

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Corporate ReBirth Package

You want a large scale cultural design and change program that starts with top management and includes a full roll-out across the entire organization. This is a 6-18 month long program.

OnPurpose™ Leadership

Increasing Employee Engagement and Getting to Exceptional Results through Higher Purpose Based Leadership.

OnPurpose™ Sales

Imagine you had a way to discover, achieve, embody and last in such an experience, time after time. It is possible and it is the nitty-gritty of compelling sales and leadership.

OnPurpose™ Communication - The Charm Factor

How does information become influential? How do I create a “leading moment,” that people will follow? 

Cultural Design

Culture is the way we do things. Exceptional results come from people who are “In tune” with themselves and others.

Inspiring Teams

Strong and innovative teams can elevate your business to the Next Level.

Constructive Conflicts

The ability to stay on Purpose, pre-empt, identify and when needed, re-direct unintended conflicts IS efficiency.