The Inspired Team

Why Teams Outperform Others?

It is a combination of extremely Clear Goals; Higher Purpose based leadership embodied authentically; and a Clear Common Purpose for the group combined with generative habits.


Why Is It So Important?

Strong and innovative teams can elevate your business to the Next Level. Research proves that teams with a Higher Purpose are more innovative and employees who find meaning in their work perform better and build better relationships with each other.


Why Do You Need to Train Your Leaders on this?

Generations grew up thinking success equals a strong ago and dogged pursuits of your goals. Most business schools and our entire educational system spends zero time teaching leaders and managers about the nature of motivation, connection, collective intelligence. Exceptional results come from people who are “In tune”with themselves and others. Millennial employees demand Purpose.

We work with the team and its leader or leaders, if this is a top management team. We take them through a unique 5 step process, which reconnects the team to its Higher Purpose and Passion; then maps its stakeholders and creates an Integrated Stakeholder Approach; clarifies and structures goals in a highly effective way, using the OGSM methodology. We clarify roles and create more alignment between the different personalities in the group by supporting authentic embodiment and communication internally and externally.