Cultural Design

Purpose Based Culture: You Design Your Culture!


Culture is Your Brand?

Before you can change how your customers think about your company (outside), you need to start to think about it differently (inside). It is actually the only way change happens, inside-out and not vice versa.


Why Is It So Important?

Culture is the way we do things. Culture represents the collective Mind and the subconscious of the organization. Have you ever heard when staff says “our leaders don’t walk the talk?” This perception may not be how leadership truly thinks about the company but how it shows up as a congruence or incongruence though its culture.


Why Do You Need Training On It?

Generations were lead to believe that there is a “Silver Bullet” sales technique. Experts coined relationship-, consultative- value selling and the Challenger Sale. Sadly, there is not a one size fits all solution. Exceptional results come from people who are “In tune” with themselves and others. We connect the sale person’s personal Purpose with the business’ Purpose; that motivation activates their authenticity when influencing and selling.

Our program include seven steps. The specific program design needs to be contextualized for the specific organization and its relevant goals. The program is likely to include a contextualization of the science that supports the Purpose discovery. We also transfer a set of powerful tools for the key leadership moments/contexts in the organization. The training elements are very experiential and include embodiment work. The meme science elements bring in a scientific basis to influence the organization’s subconscious for the first time ever.