OnPurpose™ Sales


Salespeople, like every other human, are constantly sending signals. The reason why the combination of purpose and embodiment is such a change agent is because we are constantly embodying some purpose in the room. But what is it? Is it your intended purpose? Are you crystal clear on your intended purpose as you enter any interaction or conflict?



Are you crystal clear on your intended purpose as you enter any interaction or conflict?


Imagine you are standing in front of an audience to present or about to go into an important meeting  – are you clear on what your purpose is? Do you think, “Sure, of course, my job is to sell xyz.” Or, “Sure, my purpose is to explain my point or the subject matter.” If you think this or anything related to this you are like the actor walking out on stage that says,”yeah, my purpose is to give a good performance.” And if you think that, you will indeed “give a good performance,” “ explain the subject matter,” “sell xyz.” This is not the stuff of compelling leaders or performers. What you will embody is a human constantly asking for something rather than a human offering something. If you are not clear that why you are interacting with any human is because you desire connection, you to send, them to receive and vica-versa, you cannot embody anything besides begging. And begging can be dressed up as anything fancy but it will never be inspirational leadership. We will feel you beg. We may not be able to name it, but we will feel it and it will drive our impression of your purpose.


Do you have the sense that you can “always” be in your Zone of Genius? That you can “always” operate from a position of strength, from the position of your purpose? How can you create a scenario which elicits the most information and expresses the most information to create the best results? You/we are always revealing ourselves to each other in any given moment. We cannot hide. This is the most fundamental mistake non-compelling sales people make, they believe they can hide information. You cannot hide information you can simply have a conscious say in the information you deliver or you can be completely out of control and unconscious to the purpose you send and reside in. Compelling leaders are precise and intentional, communicate always through their particular and unique Zone of Genius, fueled by their purpose and embodied in every action taken and spoken.


Imagine the next time you present, your purpose has nothing to do with a specific circumstance or product or performance. Imagine you are there to embody fully and specifically your purpose and your body is there simply as a conduit of that purpose, the subject matter is simply the soup of the day and your fear or expectations are not relevant because they are not based on present information and therefore not able to be embodied anyway. Imagine you had a way to discover, achieve, embody and last in such an experience, time after time. It is possible and it is the nitty-gritty of compelling sales and leadership.


Is sustainable. Is not event specific. It attracts curiosity. It stirs debate. Is courageous in the present. Is ABSOLUTELY learned. Is nurtured. Is developed. Is teachable.