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US References/Testimonials


"renewed clarity and motivation of our executive team and US staff"


Richard Starets CEO


I have worked with Purpose and Company on several project over the last couple of years. They have done a transformative Purpose Discovery Workshop for our leadership team which resulted in renewed clarity and motivation of our executive team and US staff. Since then we have launched a Purpose project to be able to harness all the potential benefits of articulating our Higher Purpose in several areas of our business. Mickey also worked with our sales VP as well as our engagement management team in the area of conflict management. He has an amazing ability to establish deep, honest relationship with the people and teams he works with while also challenge them and move them outside of their comfort zone to grow and get to the next level. We intend to work together with P and Co in the future and recommend them to CEOs and senior managers who want to try a revolutionary different method to engage people and enhance team effectiveness. Their team’s ability to work with sales teams make this all the more interesting as Purpose & Company’s approach has truly the capability to increase both Profit and closeness to Purpose.

- Richard Starets, CEO of Small Footprint

Scott’s ability to reveal habitual patterns and help shift them is nothing short of extraordinary. He prepared me for success in ways I couldn’t have imagined at the time. My time with Scott was some of my favorite time, I think in part because he’s so honest, warm, and a bit disruptive in how he views things. “

- Lucia Brizzi, Next Level Leadership, Executive Leadership Program for Women

“Studying with Scott was like no other class, with the rare opportunity to deconstruct verbal and non-verbal language into the elements of what it actually is to listen, hear, digest, feel, impulse, react, and, ultimately, to speak. Regardless of where—onstage, onscreen, or in my daily life—the MVM work provided me the tools, vocabulary, and understanding of what it truly means to communicate and how. “

- Jin Ha, Actor – “Hamilton”, Lead Broadway’s “M. Butterfly”


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"each person who was trained felt that they derived lasting value..."

- Glen Moller


"As CEO of ArroHealth, I chose Mickey and Scott (Purpose & Company) for a middle management development program. He and his team trained about 50 managers as part of this program.  This was a diverse group of experienced managers and also many who were new to both the company and to management overall. We required a tailored program quickly as we needed to train so many people during an extended period of hyper growth for the company. As CEO I took care to make sure we had the very best resources training our people, And at the end of the project I was convinced I had made a good selection in Purpose and Company.  The team and I were impressed with the results and each person who was trained felt that they derived lasting value from the efforts."

- Glen Moller, former CEO of ArroHealth

"For the past 5 years, we have been working with Purpose & Company in various capacities.  They have worked with all levels of our organization showing positive results in terms of sustainable behavioral changes.  We have worked together on the company’s Higher Purpose and linking that to our vision, our values as well as our business goals.  In addition, I have worked with Mickey personally to help my own CEO development. We put together a 36-month plan to reach my goals and we hit all of our objectives. I believe Mickey has a great ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization. We have really enjoyed working with him and his team.  We look to continue our relationship as our company grows.” 

- Kevin Gersh CEO, Gersh Academy and Gersh Group

"I have worked with Mickey on a special project that was very dear and important to our start-up, Bandsintown, which has big plans to revolutionize the connection between fans and musicians. The project was centered around reconnecting our team to their passion one person at a time and also to give them a transformation experience as they connect to the higher Common Purpose/Vision/Ambition of our company. The workshop has involved everyone in the company and also the leadership team separately. The event was very successful and we were impressed with Mickey’s capability of both being a great coach who is right on target and can challenge an executive team and also, being on stage and work with a large group of aprx. 100 people and hold their attention through various physical and other transformational exercises. I think he is a world class expert with his sleeves rolled up and ready for action. We intend to work with him and his team in the future and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a different and powerful development process for Leadership and Employee Engagement."

- Mickael Ohana, Managing Partner Bandsintown Group, former President of CrossKnowledge, now part of John Wiley and Sons

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We ended up going way beyond ... eventually wrote the charter that now serves as my team's spine, heart, and soul

Jacob Susman director


“I have been working with Mickey A. Feher and Purpose & Company for a Sales Effectiveness program. The program had an individual thread for me and and a group thread for my team. We ended up going way beyond just sales leadership and eventually wrote the charter that now serves as my team's spine, heart, and soul as we attack a range of business objectives and challenges. Specifically, we have worked on the team’s unique Passion and Purpose and then connected it to our division vision and goals. The program also included looking at and improving our sales process as well as enhancing my ability to effectively coach my own team and sustain our growth and engagement. The program was a great success and it continues to have visible effects on the team.”

- Jacob Susman, Director of Origination, EDF Renewable Energy, former CEO of OwnEnergy

“We have been working with Purpose & Company for 2,5 years in various capacities. They have worked with our top leadership team, our middle management and our front-line staff.  We have seen great results in terms of sustainable behavioral changes on all levels. We have worked on the the company’s Higher Purpose and linking that to our Vision and Values as well as business goals.  We have also created together an Employee Engagement program. I believe they have great abilities to connect people on the all levels of the organization. We have really enjoyed working with them and intend to continue our work together in the future as we embark on our ambitious growth plans.”

- Philip Toh, CEO, The Smilist

European Testimonials


"...consistently rated highly in terms of delegate satisfaction."

- miklos balassy laszlo


"We selected Mickeyand his team due to the fact they have unique insights, tools and methodologies in the area of sophisticated B2B sales development which set them apart from other training and coaching companies and consultants.

We are impressed with how positively our team reacted to Mickey’s program, especially because a key purpose of the program was to re-energize and motivate people in a very difficult environment. Mickey’s personal attention and project management is effective, clear and contains several astute insights which have allowed me and my team to focus our efforts for maximum impact.  Mickey and his trainers were consistently rated highly in terms of delegate satisfaction.

I recommend their work to any business aiming to execute large scale sales development projects."

- Miklos Balassy Laszlo, Fomer Deputy CEO, MKB bank

"I have been working with Mickey A. Fehér and his team of consultants at Advantage Group (Now Purpose and Company)  for over 4 years now. We have worked with the regarding a wide spectrum of projects ranging from assessment to managerial and sales skill development. We have been extremely impressed with professionalism of the entire team. It seems to me that Advantage Group and Miklós is bringing a new approach to training and coaching services that helps us achieve a breakthrough in terms of getting the best performance out of our managerial teams. They have brought in new and innovative solutions that address the beliefs systems that effect people’s ability to access the learned skills and methods. It is my pleasure to endorse them and recommend them to other businesses that face complex challenges in the area of motivation, management and sales effectiveness. We have every intention to continue working with Advantage Group over the next coming years." 

- Gábor Mayer, Sales Director and Country Leader, Mondelez


"...applied top of the class learning solutions..."

- remi bastien


"I have worked with Mickey A. Feher and his team of consultants for a period of two years within the frame of a complex sales effectiveness program across 4 countries.

I have been impressed with two things in particular. Firstly, the executive managerial capabilities of Mickeys as he was steering a group of consultants to deliver a seamlessly high quality of service across the countries. Secondly, the fact that they bought in and applied top of the class learning solutions which represented the latest thinking in the market. All this was embedded in a long-term process which engaged and involved several layers of management from top to bottom aiming at long term sustainability of the positive effects the program achieved. We have seen some measurable improvements in both sales results and employee engagement. I highly recommend him and his team other businesses and would consider working with them in the future as well."

- Remi Bastien, CEO, Limagrain Europe

"We have been using the services of Advantage Group (Now Purpose and Company) since 2010 in the area of Sales Effectiveness and Leadership development.

We have been impressed with the high level of quality and dedication to achieving sustainable behavioral change. We see Advantage Group as an important partner for keeping up the motivation of our staff and developing their sales and management skills. Throughout these years we have seen new and unique professional solutions applied – it is was obvious that they invest into research and bring on new levels of depth so that they manage to impact on both the mindset and everyday activities of those who they train.

We have been impressed with Mickey and his team of trainers and intend to use their services in the next coming years."

- Tibor Bodor, Head of Corporate Clients Europe, ING Bank