Constructive Conflicts

Why Is Conflict Perceived as Bad?

For most people, Conflict is associated with aggression and pain and therefore must be avoided at all costs. If comfort is the enemy of Growth then organizations must learn how to both create seeds for generative debate AND re-direct conflict outside the organizations Higher Purpose.


Why Is It So Important?

An organization’s bedrock consists of ideas, action and communication – the relationship between them is Purpose, intended or unintended. When these elements are not in synergy unintended conflicts arise, draining the organization. Conversely, to intentionally brainstorm conflicting ideas is generative. The ability to stay on Purpose, pre-empt, identify and when needed, re-direct unintended conflicts IS efficiency.


Why Do Modern Leaders Need Training On It?

Because our upbringing / education has generally taught us techniques in conflict avoidance even when inner unresolved conflict festers and grows. Most individuals in a leadership role have not been trained in how to create productive collisions of ideas that lead to generative growth nor been trained on how to resolve their own inner unresolved conflicts that prevent them, or their team, from aligning their own Higher Purpose with the Organization’s Higher Purpose. Finally, because the “individual,” both in terms of employee and consumer, is the new focal point of an organization’s growth.