If your top talent is leaving - your strategy is a waste of time...


What is your biggest concern for the coming years as a manager or executive? Global recession? Climate change? Political instability? Or rather, developing ‘Next Gen’ leaders and attracting and retaining top talent? If it is the latter, you’re definitely not alone as you fall into that 64 or 60 per cent of leaders, respectively, who when surveyed in the Global Leadership Forecast 2018, said that their biggest concerns for the future were developing effective leaders and attracting and keeping them so that they can successfully tackle the countless challenges ahead.

Only 41 per cent of those responding to the survey believed that their organization’s leadership development program was of high or very high quality, and more than third of the leaders asked said that they were moderately or even less skilled in identifying and developing future talent, while 58 per cent of the respondents had never been mentored so they had little knowledge of how to mentor others.

Even HR professionals are convinced that identifying and developing future talent is the most crucial skill leaders will need in the coming years. So are your leadership-development and leadership-management skills up to scratch? If not, here are a few pointers on how to start. First of all, make a genuine assessment of all leadership development programs and processes at all levels. Then create a plan with the goals of supporting leaders’ success in the present and building a solid pipeline of successful future leaders. Make sure that this plan is embraced by your current leadership and aligned with your strategic goals. Then you have to train your leaders to have the skills to identify and develop talent.

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