Building dynasties from the inside out - the Saban Way

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Saban recognizes that training the “entire” individual produces a cohesive organism propelled toward exceptionalism. In your organization how many ‘trainings’ are sponsored by HR as one off events, or as one - or two- day information download-type programs?

How many on going “live and interactive” development programs are happening, with follow-ups and on-going tracking of progress?

At Purpose&Co we believe in the long game, building integrity, both in the architecture of the organism and in the fibre of the parts that make up that organism. Nick Saban clearly understands the importance of recruiting and nurturing the attributes that build the winning structure he’s developed. He has a team of coaches, trainers, experts, counselors headed in the same direction. 

In the end, and he says this often, “if we can simply execute what we know how to do, we’ll be alright.” That is not possible each and every day, but to know that the weak link is not a fragmented plan going in disparate directions dramatically raises the opportunity for success.

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Scott Miller